“What would you do if you had another chance?”

New Watch was my VCE Media 3/4 project, and it received full marks.

Filming time travel was interesting and having a storyboard helped insanely so. I could track which shots I only had to film once, and which shots I had to film from the same position (e.g. “I may not be the most attractive guy here…” shots). Crossing shots off too as you filmed made sure I didn’t leave any shots behind, which I still managed to do.

The night before getting all the cast together, the two main characters and I got together and filmed all the shots where it was just the two of them in frame, so we didn’t have to do them the next night. It was a fantastic decision since the main night of filming went on well into the night.

The music was a tricky situation too, since I wanted to enter New Watch into Top Screens, I had to have permission to use the music. Fortunately, I found George Barnett and I was lucky enough to use his fantastic music. Go check him out, seriously.