A vacuum mixed with an elephant. Unusual way to start my 3D journey.

An assignment in my 3D modelling class was to come up with, design and model a 3D object. This object was to be two different objects combined in some way. I decided to mix an elephant with a vacuum cleaner. Here is a snippet from the introduction to my object:

“My object (The Vacuumphant) would exist in a world where humans manipulate, change and create these animal and machine hybrids, used specifically to benefit humans. Utilising the elephant’s trunk, large lung capacity and solid build, humans were able to transform the animal into vacuum cleaner.”

Render 1

Since 3D modelling was something completely new to me, I had restarted the elephant perhaps half a dozen times, before finally arriving with what you see above.

“Changing the entire respiratory and digestive system of the Vacuumphant, they were able to make the lungs the “bag” for all the sucked up dust and other materials. They held far more than any other standard vacuum bag, able to clean an entire factory floor without the need to empty. The digestive system filtered out larger materials into a separate lung. When emptied, one lung would be filled with dust and other tiny particles, and the other with larger pieces.”

“Replacing the back two legs with wheels also allowed for more precise movements. This replacement also allows for quieter movements and reduction of energy used getting around. His trunk would be flexible and long enough, thanks to an extendable trunk, to reach underneath equipment and around corners.”


“Air vents on the top of the Vacuumphant’s back also allows for increase air flow to prevent the Vacuumphant from overheating during work. The Vacuumphant will also continue to flap it’s ears as per normal.”

“The trunk was changed to only allow sucking, to prevent any dust or materials from coming back out of the lungs. Although the power of the trunk depends on the age and fitness of the Vacuumphant, at its prime, it’s far more powerful than any other vacuum on the market. The trunk tip has been altered to allow for different types of attachments for different situations. The attachments simply twist on and off with a small pressure lock mechanic.”

Render 2

“The tail was reengineered to allow for a retractable extension cable to allow the Vacuumphant to recharge after a hard day of vacuuming (as seen in back view). Dependent on the age of the Vacuumphant again, but in its prime, the Vacuumphant can last up to 18 hours of continual use before needing a charge. Charging removes the need for any food or water, so running costs can be kept low.”