My Sound, Light and Motion final film was about a guy who is just plain lazy.

After a trimester of learning, planning, and some panicking, Pursuit was made one fine day. Taking on the theme of Laziness, myself and my teammates got together in my apartment with my trusty actor, Adam Gilding, and made a what you see above.

Below is the first six shots planned in my storyboard, which was completed earlier on in the trimester:

Page 1

What was interesting however was that in the original plan, the angry housemate “dreamed” of hitting the gamer in the head with the bin, before just washing and doing the dishes. It wasn’t until the rough cut staged where a classmate mentioned that it should end on the bin hit instead. I gave it a shot and by goodness, it improved the short ten-fold.

I’m particularly proud of the video game sound effects in this short. We weren’t allowed to use any copyrighted sound effects (understandably), so I had to record my own sound effects for the game. Inspired by Need for Speed: Most Wanted (the police chatter mostly), I sat in a car and recorded the car’s sounds. That came out absolutely shocking however due to the wind and lack of gritty revs. It just didn’t sound real, even though it was.

I tried using a blender, but that sounded more like a chainsaw than a speeding car. But what did I end up using? My voice. Whilst it may be heavily distorted (with an effect called “Broken Speaker” in Audacity), it’s me grabbing my cheeks, humming, slowly increasing in volume and making some other weird sounds.

Page 2

When I was originally listening to the police chatter used in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, some of the lines spoken resonated to the film. I decided the chatter from the video game symbolises the thought process in the angry housemate’s mind (so deep and meaningful). With the assistance of Lydia Evans, and my own voice again, we recorded the lines, applied some radio distortion and added in some little beeps.

It was fantastic experience working with such a good team of filmmakers, and I’m pretty proud of what was produced! I’m especially thankful for that classmate who suggested the story structure change too.