Some habits die hard, but there isn’t a harder person out there than Vance Stone.

Vance Stone was designed, modelling and rigged for my second 3D Animation unit at Deakin University. We got to explore the world of Mudbox (it’s like working with a limitless amount of clay, it’s incredible) and adding skeletons to our characters for animation.

But first we got to create a character from the ground up, with the simple restriction of it having the same body type as a human (two arms, legs and a head). We also got to come up with a background story for our characters:


Since Vance was given such a tough name at birth, he had a lot to live up to. Not a peep, and not a tear came from him when he entered the world. Vance already had a full head of hair and he even sported a luscious quiff from the get go. He was only three days old when he got his first pair of sunglasses and only two weeks when he got his first leather jacket.

While I’m pretty pleased with how he came out, there are a couple of things I would most certainly change next time around such as some of the detail around his face can look awfully blocky. Some day I’ll also learn how to make an environmental map so that his sunglasses actually reflect his surroundings.