My third year, major animation for my Bachelor’s Degree at Deakin. Selected for the MIAF & AIAF.

When it comes to personal projects, I take a science fiction idea and try and achieve something a little more different with it. New Watch took time travelling, Magic Mic too cloning and The Rusty Hook took teleportation.

The teleportation idea was more of an excuse to use multiple, drastically different environments.

In Trimester 2, Lydia joined me to create this piece, starting late May. We then scheduled every pixel of the project onto our whiteboard:


The whiteboard half way through the project.

Each week (or two) we’d pressure ourselves to finish a sequence. Then, we’d leave it behind until Revisit Week in early September. This kept us ALWAYS moving forward and not getting stuck on something and falling behind.

For the animation, I rigged the characters using DUIK, which utilised the puppet tool inside of After Effects.