Motion Graphics and Compositing

I feel right at home inside of After Effects after using the program for 5 years. Each project seems to add on to my knowledge, posing new challenges, effects to learn while refining my previous techniques.

Below you can see a mixture of personal projects, university assignments as well as work done for Orica GreenEdge and Team Sky.

The Esso BHP Billiton Wellington Entertainment Centre 2017 Launch Video

Promotional animation for the 2017 season at the Entertainment Centre

The Rusty Hook

Sticky post

My third year, major animation for my Bachelor’s Degree at Deakin. Selected for the MIAF & AIAF.

“It’s a Circle” / 3D Animation

Walking, tripping and recovering while talking about nonsense.

Show Reel 2015

My previous creative endeavours summed up in a minute long video.

Blood on your Hands

A title sequence for the love child of The Knick and House of Cards.

Unfinished Typography Animation / 2012

Sometimes things just get left behind.

Vance Stone / 3D Model

Some habits die hard, but there isn’t a harder person out there than Vance Stone.

Rookie and the Kink

University has now finished for the year, and I’m a little exhausted.

Vacuumphant Animation

An exclusive look at the Vacuumphant doing his job on the factory floor.

Vacuumphant / First 3D Model

A vacuum mixed with an elephant. Unusual way to start my 3D journey.


Early in 2014, Dan Jones (Twitter) came to with an new web series idea and needed some help with the graphics for it.

Class of 2012 Slideshow

The Class of 2012 in one insanely massive picture.

Patricia The Stripper Typography

I took a crack at making a typography animation and what better song to do it to than to a song about a stripper.

Beware The Moon

Under the moonlight in 2009, I made my first animation.