Filming and Editing

If there's one side of the camera I like to be on, it's definitely the side away from the lens. The editing process is where I like to be the most though. I find piecing it all together being the most rewarding aspect of the entire production process.

Below is a mixture of professional videos for organisations such as Deakin University, The Song Room and Gippsland Grammar, and more unusual videos which include clones, time travelling watches, dragons, and space ships.

Believer / Make The Cut

My entry for Adobe’s “Make The Cut” competition

MB+M Group

Two testimonials and a company video update for Shepparton based accounting and financial advice company, MB+M.

Rackspace / OFX Case Study

Editing together a case study for one of Rackspace’s many clients, OFX.

Premium Talent Search / SEEK

My first project at NewMac was editing together a video showcasing Premium Talent Search for SEEK.

Alárìíyá Live

Capturing the electric live performance of Alárìíyá.

Meat Week

Editing together a promotional video for Meat Week, a new initiative in giving families access to local and ethically farmed meats.

Kaleidoscope VR / Melbourne Event

A short video capturing the final stop on Kaleidoscope VR’s World Tour.

The Song Room / Meadow Heights Primary School

Helping The Song Room achieve their goal in giving every child the best possible start to their life.

Deakin University / Student Videos

I’ve produced some short, one minute long videos for the Faculty of Health at Deakin University.

Escape Velocity

A film that isn’t out of this world.

Show Reel 2015

My previous creative endeavours summed up in a minute long video.

Gippsland Grammar Video Prospectus

In 2013, the year after I graduated, I got the chance to create Gippsland Grammar’s new Video Prospectus.


My Sound, Light and Motion final film was about a guy who is just plain lazy.

The Egg / Filmly 72 Hour Film Festival

DeakinTV held their first 72 hour film festival, called Filmly.

Magic Mic

Elliot and I wanted to do something that’d be a challenge for both of us. Clones. A ridiculous amount of clones.

Super Dooper Fantastic Awesome Amazing Man II

No one is too cool to participate. No one.

New Watch

“What would you do if you had another chance?” New Watch was my VCE Media 3/4 project, and it received full marks.

The Biggest Morning Tea Just Got Bigger

Gun in one hand, muffin in the other. It’s time to raise some money.