Riley McLaren

Hello, I’m Riley McLaren, and welcome to my website.

Here you’ll be able to see heaps of my past work, ranging from film, motion graphics, editing, 2D and 3D animation, graphic design to even a spot of photography.

In 2016, I finished my Bachlor of Creative Arts in Animation and Motion Capture at Deakin University. I’m very experienced in the pre-production, production and particularly post-production of films and animations. I have made many promotional videos and animations for Deakin University, The Song Room, Kaleidoscope VR, and the secondary school Gippsland Grammar.

You can find me on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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The Egg / Filmly 72 Hour Film Festival

DeakinTV held their first 72 hour film festival, called Filmly.

Vacuumphant Animation

An exclusive look at the Vacuumphant doing his job on the factory floor.

Vacuumphant / First 3D Model

A vacuum mixed with an elephant. Unusual way to start my 3D journey.


Early in 2014, Dan Jones (Twitter) came to with an new web series idea and needed some help with the graphics for it.

Magic Mic

Elliot and I wanted to do something that’d be a challenge for both of us. Clones. A ridiculous amount of clones.

Leaving / Wellington Youth Art Competition 2013

A drawing based on the feelings of leaving home.

Super Dooper Fantastic Awesome Amazing Man II

No one is too cool to participate. No one.

Class of 2012 Slideshow

The Class of 2012 in one insanely massive picture.

New Watch

“What would you do if you had another chance?” New Watch was my VCE Media 3/4 project, and it received full marks.

The Biggest Morning Tea Just Got Bigger

Gun in one hand, muffin in the other. It’s time to raise some money.

Patricia The Stripper Typography

I took a crack at making a typography animation and what better song to do it to than to a song about a stripper.

Beware The Moon

Under the moonlight in 2009, I made my first animation.

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